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Spectral Nights - Paranormal Investigation

at The Stage Door

Spectral Nights - Paranormal Investigation
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The Stage Door was build a stones throw away from a 12th century leper hospital. The venue used to be the ABC cinema which opened in 1935 and later the building was divided up. The theatre space used to be part of the stage of the cinema.

During medieval times it was the site of the Magdalene hospital for lepers and fields around it were known as Magdalene’s Fields. Over time, Magdalene became Marlands’ which is how the area got its name. Part of the deal to construct the Civic Centre was that more social housing was built in Southampton – leading to the building of the Flower Roads estate in Swaythling.

NOTE we will be taking over the whole venue, bar, theatre, cocktail bar and dressing room. At a prime time on a Saturday evening.


Loud footsteps can be heard when Donna locks up for the night. Her name is called when no one is there. Glasses have been known to explode at the bar. Whistling, whispers and a male presence can be felt. A large figure in a brown coat with no features presenting as a masculine figure showed itself within the bar mirror.

Book your place to investigate this amazing venue. Exclusive to spectral nights.