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The Display Team

London based rockers, The Display Team will be marauding through Southampton on the 18th of October touring their new EP "Spinner" with support from rock legends Alter Ego and Lonely Dakota.

“The Display Team are a high-energy, high-concept, high-pitched band from London. Across many years, two albums and countless concerts, they have ploughed their own furrow, demonstrating a stubborn resistance to the obvious tropes of rock music while never denying the beauty of a well-crafted pop melody. Using what are now perhaps old-fashioned tools, they continue to search for new things, ideas that are thus far unsaid and tunes that are as yet unplayed, and deliver them to a public who are unready for them. Their music is at once both majestic and earthy, profane and profound, and enters the body as much through the gut as the ears. In October 2019, the band will release their first new music in three years in the form of the EP ‘Spinner’, showcasing an even broader musical scope, nodding to anthemic pop one moment and sneaking some jazz harmony in the next, before unleashing a riff that makes one headbang in three directions at once.”

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