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Fresh Start ***CANCELLED

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Fresh Start ***CANCELLED

It seems that Alice’s dream has come true, at last.

It’s the fresh start she wanted – a new home, her abusive husband has left her, and she’s got the support of the helpful young man from the property development company that bought their old house, and her ever-present neighbour.

But are they too close for comfort? Has Alice jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire?
This emotional and ultimately uplifting new play by Heaton Wilson will engage you from the start, and have you wondering up to the end…

Staged in association with The YOU Trust, ‘Fresh Start’ explores one of the big issues facing society and one that is constantly in the news – how do we define ‘abuse’ in relationships? Are abusers victims too?

* Meet the cast and the writer/director at the end of the performance for an open discussion about the play, and the questions it raises. 

* Origins Theatre is donating 10% of profits from this production to The YOU Trust to support its work with vulnerable people in Hampshire and Dorset.