> Storyteller, Storyteller *** CANCELLED

Storyteller, Storyteller *** CANCELLED

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Storyteller, Storyteller *** CANCELLED

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Storyteller, Storyteller is a playful and exceptionally funny clowning show of full-energy physicality with the two Storytellers vying with each other and becoming ever more desperate to outdo the other. With almost no words, the two act out a series of vignettes as they try to get the upper hand until, finally, they resolve their differences to work together and present a mad-cap and surprising finale.

A feature of most of Story Pocket’s shows is a Storyteller who leads the cast and audience alike through the stories being told. The character is apparently ageless and appears to be the keeper of all stories. Although joining in and playing many roles within the stories, the Storyteller always seems to be in control of the stories and how they are told – and who tells them. It is obvious to the Storyteller that there is no one else performing this all-important role of keeping stories and telling them.

Storyteller, Storyteller arose from the company’s first two shows, Arabian Nights and A Pocketful of Grimms. Each had a very distinctive Storyteller with their own storytelling style and we wondered what might happen if the two of them met by accident. The show was devised from scratch by the two actors who had performed as the Storytellers in Arabian Nights (Luke Pitman) and A Pocketful of Grimms (Ashley Bates). It quickly became clear that words would not be necessary and the two, together with directors Adam Fletcher-Forde and Jules Black developed a series of sketches which were then linked with a narrative involving large bamboo sticks. Further development of the show was made when Jack Kelly joined the company. On the way to the final denouement, the two go fishing, balance on a high wire, get stuck in an imaginary room, visit a demented disco, play a rally at Wimbledon and battle over Once Upon a Time.​